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Don't Forget

Remember to wash your miniatures using a mild detergent before painting them, to remove any leftover mould release agent.

Occasionally some of the plastic resin miniatures might be crooked, which can be easily rectified by submersing the miniature in near boiling water (do be careful), the miniature will be maleable while hot, and will reset when cooled down.

Citadel Paints

Untested simple example color schemes using Citadel paints

SteinerCorax WhiteKantor BlueNuln OilChronus BlueMephiston RedLeadbelcher
KuritaCorax WhiteMephiston RedNuln OilAstorath RedKantor BlueLeadbelcher
ComstarCorax WhiteCelestra GreyNuln OilWrack WhiteLothern BlueLeadbelcher
MarikCorax WhiteDaemonette HideNuln OilLucius LilacMoot GreenLeadbelcher
LiaoCorax WhiteWaaagh GreenNuln OilNurgling GreenGenestealer PurpleLeadbelcher
DavionCorax WhiteAverland SunsetNuln OilHexos PalesunMephiston RedLeadbelcher

* Typically a Corax White primer spray can is used. Typically metalic areas are repainted using Chaos Black before any metalic paint like Leadbelcher is applied.


XV-88, Agrellan Earth, Agrax Earthshade


To protect your miniatures from paint chipping, you could apply a single coat varnish like Citadel Purity Seal (which leaves a satin finish).

Alternatively some may choose to apply a single coat of Vallejo Gloss Varnish, and then one or two coats of Testors Dullcote, Vallejo Matt Varnish or Army Painter Anti Shine.